From a page called "You and Your Home."

So, Bob, you put in some Victory Thistles this year?

Ayup. Raisin’ some Victory Tin over ‘round the house, so’s I got something to put m’thistles in. An’ you, Silas?

Plantin’ mostly Victory bulbs.

You eatin’ tulips agin?

No, they’re for the empty light sockets. Ain’t had a new bulb since afore the war.


Say, Silas, you ever took note that your forearms are aboutin' as thick as your head?

Ayup. Didn’t want to mention it. 'Cause then I'd have to bring up your unnaturally lengthened arms if the subject came up.

Allright, well, forget I mentioned it.

Cain’t, Bob. It’s chainged things between us. I don’t think it’ll ever be the same again, either. Well, time to piss on the Victory cloves. The pamphlet I got says it makes'em grow. See you.

See you.