Said the accompanying text:

Sheraton has long made a specialty of making the keyed-up, tired traveler relaxed and welcome. The swimming pool is cool and inviting. The beverages are perfectly prepared and served in the beautiful Jester’s Lounge.Tthe dining is truly gourmet style. Be sure to try one of the bountiful specialties cooked over the open char-grille broiler in the Player’s Balcony. The guest rooms are quietly luxurious, and every one has a color television.

If you’re entertaining there are Hospitality Suites for groups of any size, and the air conditioned Ballroom can serve 300 guests.

This was the world the smart, contemptuous intellectual was supposed to deride. So middle-class, so materialistic, so easily impressed, so content to waft on a cloud of unearned privilege. The masses must rise and take this from them!

Actually, the masses would be perfectly content with a chair by the pool.

I'm sure it was cool and inviting, but it was an outdoor pool, and that meant it could also be cold and off-putting. Nothing would say "grey, soul-scraping despair" like looking at a snow-covered pool area on a cold Detroit January morning.