It never bothered us that the box art was better than the game art by a factor of 1,000,000X. Wikipedia:

The objective of Journey is to reunite the members of the band with their instruments (and singer Steve Perry with his microphone). Each instrument is located on a different planet, and the musician must first reach the instrument, then make it back to the band's ship without running into an obstacle. Each musician's stage presents a different challenge.

The era, neatly summed up:

Although they have cartoon bodies, the faces of the members are shown as black-and-white photographs, taken of the band while on tour. The photo technology was originally to be used in another game, which would take photos for the high scores. However, the game in question failed location testing when one player engaged in exhibitionism, flashing the camera.

As you might expect:

The cost of signing the band, heavy p.r. hype and advertising alone was staggering. When added to research and development, raw materials (silicon "chips" and cartridge casings) and all the other overhead costs, it soon became evident that only platinum sales -- and several sequels -- could save Data Age. Instead, the game went solid brass.

Have a look at some gameplay here.