Woke in another bed than I’d originally chosen, Gnat next to me. I had no memory of the circumstances that brought about this change of venue, but I could guess. Two AM Waaaa, wife handing off the duty of tot pacification, a stumbling retreat to to the back bedroom. It’s hard to get a good night’s sleep with an adjacent toddler, and yes, hearing I love you Daddee in the morning makes it all worthwhile, but by 8:50 AM I’d consumed an entire pot of coffee and it hadn’t made a dent. It took two small naps to restore me to equilibrium; here I am at 10:50 at night, ready to work, a dial-tone for brainwaves, and a column due in 12 hours.

More tomorrow.

Breaking news! The TV just reported: “A dog hit by a car, shot and put in a freezer survives. More at Nine.”

Best teaser ever. Please let him be called "Rasputin."

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