Screenshot from HBO's magnificent "Band of Brothers."

For reasons unexplained and obscure, the deadlines for next Tuesday’s paper is not Monday morning as usual, but Friday afternoon. That’s right: when we tell you what’s hot on Tuesday, we do so smug in knowledge that we knew that last Friday. And since we probably finished the work Thursday, we had a five-day jump on you. Those shoes on the front page? Gone! We got the last pair!

Just kidding. But. Usually I write that column Friday, so it’s sitting in my editor’s queue when he arrives at 5 AM Monday. But now I have to write it Thursday night. Still with me? I didn’t think so. I’m boring myself.
SO LET ME SHOUT that while this will have to do for today, it’s not all I have to offer.

Jetsam Cove has an update, so there you go. Enjoy.

Still here? Okay: red meat: “When Eagles Dare” is out on DVD! It’s notable for many reasons - Clint Eastwood appears to reduce the German army by 8 percent, for example. The fight on the cable car is still a nail-biter. Dick Burton cashes his paycheck with particular pleasure. But what I really love about this movie is the theme, which is perhaps the best 60s WW2 theme, period. I bought it for 99 cents at the downtown Fargo Woolworth in the cutout bin. Haven't heard it for years. I could sing every note.

For those with subtler palates - I mentioned “The Singing Detective” the other day. If you’d like the DVD set - and trust me, this is just exceptional TV, you can buy it here. There's a movie version coming out soon, and by all accounts it stinks. Watch the original so you can sneer at those who only saw the movie.

Elsewhere: If I’d been really on the ball last night, instead of frothing like a mad dog, I would have linked to this article about 1939, the year from which I drew the image at the top of the page. Okay - off to remotely write my column. See you Monday.


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