Well. Hmm. Due to Thanksgiving, all my deadlines have been jammed up a day, making Monday night a 4000+ word night, so I will have to bow out. But first I must note:

1. Please, please, please Corporate America: do not put the Cat in the Hat on any more products. The sight of that thing gives me nightmares. It should not be. If in olden tymes such a beast sauntered into town, the menfolk would pick up shovels and beat it to death.

2. Marketing 101 should tell students that if you are a PR spokesman, and a newspaper reporter calls up to inquire about the propriety of selling KGB-logo merchandise for Christmas, you should nod, express interest at the concerns, note that the item is sold as a historical artifact, et cetera. Leave it at that. If you feel compelled to draw explicit parallels to the CIA and the KGB, realize that you are speaking on behalf of a national retailer not yet known for such political views. That sound you hear on the other end? The clicking sound that goes on while you talk, keeps going when you end, then falls silent? It’s called typing.

But that’s Sunday’s newspaper column.

3. I'm reading Crichton’s “Timeline” so I can see the movie and say “the book was better.” The book is pretty good, and ought to be read by anyone who idealizes the Middle Ages. Ah, chivalry! Fair ladies in pointy hats with scarves on the end, the parfit gentil ca-nish heading off on Quests, brave pageboys, stout and merry smiths, etc. Brutish nasty and short, as the saying goes, except for those who ended up on top; for them life was brutish, nasty and long. Hard to tell which is worse, when you really think about it.

4. In the car today, out of nowhere:

“Did you have fun in Las Vegas, daddee?”

What? Yes, yes we did.

(Pause.) “Were there monsters there?”

Monsters? No. Mobsters, yes, but no monsters.

“There were lobsters there?”

No, mobsters. I mean – yes, there were lobsters. We ate some.

“No you didn’t.”

We did. They were delicious.

“You don’t eat lobsters.”

Sure you do. A little butter – mmmm.

(Pause) “I don’t like lobster.”

Just for future reference, apparently, in case I should ever think of serving it.

Back to work; more tomorrow.

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