The final version of the card, with the background removed and the chain photoshopped out. What else can I say about this wonderful day. Maybe this: Merry Christmas, Elvis. And to you as well.

And the same to all my imaginary Internet friends - to Tim Blair for being wickedly correct and correctly wicked; to Michelle for not putting up with anyone's BS; to Charles for keeping the heat on; to Jeff for hyperuber new-media blogging news; to Jim, for teaching us how to love again; to Brian, for Mac evangelism and reports from the behind the lines; to Mitch for sharp compact fisks; to the lads at Fraters and Powerline for making me Proud! to be a ember of the Northern Alliance; to Hugh Hewitt for bringing me back to radio and giving me more good press than I could possibly deserve; to Terry for raising the bar on art-blog erudition and wit. To everyone else (the Prof! How could I forget him?) I apologize; it's late and I can only do so much HTMLing and link-checking. Thanks for the daily amusement and edification. Same place, same date next year? Deal.

<anticlimax> and we'll see you here tomorrow as well. </anticlimax>