The picture above, by Tom Dolan, accompanied a story I did for City Pages newspaper in the 80s. It has nothing to do with this series of podcasts . . . but obviously I've been working this "Diner" thing for some time. In fact, it goes back to college, when the Diner appeared in many columns. When I got a radio show in 1997 it took about sixteen seconds to figure out what I'd call it - but I never thought it

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would be anything other than a name. Hah! Shows what I know.

This 3-part series is just an excuse to play unusual holiday music. And nothing more. Really.

I'm hosting this one at my own expense, so . . . well, if you've enjoyed the show over the last year, <coff> you might <clears throat> - oh, never mind. I understand. On with the show!