Book work continues, as does the smallish Bleat output. Things will be back to normal in March.

A kind reader left a package at the Strib’s front desk last week, and after it had been flouroscoped and checked for anthrax I took it home. Wow: a 1960s brochure for the Leamington Hotel. It’ll go up this summer when I redo the Mpls site. The interiors were ghastly – most hotel rooms outside of a few modern suits in Miami Beach and Vegas were hideous back then. But take a look at this:

Where had I seen her before?




Then I remembered: she’d popped up in the iTunes album art picture the other day.






I googled around forever trying to find the picture. Blue girl, blue woman, blue face painting kitsch and so on. Nothing. Then I found a reference to the painting on some site, can’t remember which, and it was called “Green Lady.” Googled that. Ah. It's a famous painting by a fellow named Vladimir Tretchikoff, who was beloved & well-known in his time, and is now completely forgotten. But hold on: Green Lady is a different painting from the one on the album cover. In fact, that’s a man, baby.

Why, that’s David Cabaret! Or so I learned from an ancient ancient page on the record here. The website's design screams 1997, and a little clicking took me to another ghost site that lives on like a calendar hanging in a post-apocalyptic car dealership. (Thought I’d get the annual “Omega Man” reference out of the way.) It’s devoted to swingin’ lounge culture, which was quite the thing ten years ago, although there are still a few of us who enjoy & consume the products of the Lounge Era, and do so without being entirely ironic.

Will 1997-era web design ever become "retro," complete with a jokey, misunderstood revival that flatters the observer with an idealized vesion of his childhood?

No. Incidentally, if you haven't closed the Sound Gallery site yet, I'd do it now before something happens that freaks you out. I know I just spoiled it, but some of you are at work, and the sounds may

Hey, it's Valentine's Day! Buy the ladies in your life some BubbleDud grannie-panties:

If you didn't have the chance last week, here's the VD Diner, now in handy Flash format. Complete with art, such as it is.


Enjoy! New Quirk, of course. See you tomorrow.

(If you missed yesterday's entry, there's a Funny Book update here.)