Windy; great bolshy gusts banging the side of the house, flaying the roof off the gazebo, and playing the windows in my studio like God’s harmonica. Impressive.

Obligatory note about how this is book-finishing fortnight, with apologies for padding this out with pictures. But such lovely pictures! First, a product that might raise eyebrowns if it appeared on the shelf today:

I know what you're thinking: O Brave New World, that it has such powdered rennets! Naturally, such a substance must be sold with a cartoon narrative employing that timeless conveyor of domestic advice, the Uninvited Biddy:

We see the new parents at work; like most young people today, they coddle their kid something awful. Why, in my day we held their mouths open with iron tongs and poured the milk down their protesting throats; now they put on a damned circus act:


Enter Aunt Rennie:

"Cut my corns" is quite the oath, eh? Well, lance my boils! Drain my goiter! Unspool my intestines!

As usual for the Uninvited Biddy genre, she has one product in mind, and just happened to have it on hand. If the Missus was laid up with Woman Troubles, Aunt Rennie would probably make a compress of Rennet for her abdomen.

Maybe the kid wasn't drinking the milk because you were putting on a fargin' floor show? A thought. The same booklet also has this nice illustration: (click for larger version)

You can almost hear Grieg's "Dawn" playing. Another booklet from the same pile shows how various graphic styles lived side by side in the olden tymes. The cover's quite modern:


And here's the product illustration. (Click for 150K larger version.) Who can resist old-fashioned boiled dressing?


Finally, a photograph showing the taste-tempting treats you can conjur with Kraft:


Mmmm, mmm. Dig in.

Now, some cartoons. Via Cartoon Brew, a remarkable 1955 Nash car commercial starring Mickey Mouse - but not the Mickey you know. It's 1950s UPA-style Mickey - modern, angular, flat, but undeniably Mickey.


And then there's . . . this. (Via Keith Longo.) The North Koreans have children's cartoons. The creepy part is that you know they kidnapped hundreds of South Korean animators to make it. The freakiness really starts at 1:35. I couldn't watch much, but it's just interesting to know that they have a children's animation division.


The person who posted it - juchekorea, hmm -has a page of NorK stuff, including some "Public Information Films" that only give the impression of an empty, terrifying hell.

Jeez, guys: enough medals?

Okay, back to work. New Quirk; see you tomorrow.