That's right - Genuine S&H Green Stamps. My mom collected these for decades, as well as Gold Bonds. We found bushels of unredeemed booklets in the closet last month, mostly Gold Bonds. I can't say how much they're worth. But I do know that Gold Bond used to be a small Midwestern company, and is now a gargantuan multinational that owns Radisson, Carlson/Wagonlit travel, Country Kitchen restaurants, TGIFriday's, and more. Did my mother's coupon hoarding allow them to assemble the capital to build this empire? If she had redeemed her cache, would the company have stumbled and failed? We'll never know. I know she did cash in her Green Stamps - and that company isn't around any more.

I found much more than old trading stamps, though. I found a stack of old magazines, cookbooks, appliance manuals, etc. From these has come my latest contribution to AOL's slowdown: The Gallery of Regrettable Food, a 1.5 MB site devoted to bad food, bad recipes, and curious advertisements. I found, for example, an ad in which Eleanor Roosevelt endorses hot dogs, Edward G. Robinson endorses deep freezers, and unpalatable foodstuffs of all variety are photographed in glaring, gut-turning color. You may wonder - how do I know it's really Eleanor Roosevelt, and not Edward G. Robinson in a wig? I just do.

Most of the pictures have been reduced in size and resolution to facilitate quick browsing. A little blotchiness is a small price to pay for a speedier web, right? And do you really want a 198K picture of the Jolly Green Giant shaving his cob at waist level?

The last Pioneer Press column is here. Much maligned Star Wars piece due next Monday, with a new edition. See you then.


Feb 26 97


PIONEER PRESS has the LAST column. Plus, there's always this:

Yet another web diary

Bad foodstuffs -

and the ads that loved them.


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