Having actually seen a chicken run around with its head cut off, I can testify that I have resembled that tonight. This week has been a sparkly tonic against boredom and rut-inhabitation; it’s just been hard on the Bleat. Today: got up, did a podcast for an hour, did an interview, put it in a column, filed the column, did a radio show chat, drove back to the office to scare up a guest for the video shoot tomorrow since the original guest had to be pushed back a week, went home, made dinner, drove downtown for the Asian-American Journalist’s Association benefit / trivia contest. Ran into everyone, including the old publisher of the paper, the guy I used to sit next to at work before the purges, the hilarious local radio personality Colleen Kruze, and then I had to face the crowd and give 12 questions. Subject: movies. I wrote them. See how you do.

No googling! Bonus: guess which ones I don’t think anyone got.

Now I have to write a column, because tomorrow is two interviews, one column, one feature, and a video interview for which I have to prep, and also write the theme music for. So. Here are the questions:

1. Big Lebowski. Te Dude’s favorite drink - main alcoholic ingredient?

2. In “Public Enemy,” what did James Cagney mash into Mae Clarke’s face?

3. In the climactic scene in “The Empire Strikes Back,” what did Darth Vader say to Luke Skywalker? EXACT QUOTE.

4. Pixar is famous for easter eggs - the ball from “Luxo Jr.” is in every Pixar production, and the Pizza Planet truck from “Toy Story” is in every movie - except one. Which one?

5. In “Aliens,” according to Ripley, what is the only way to be sure the aliens are destroyed?

6.In the “Halloween” horror movie, the killer wears a costume store mask based on the face of which famous TV actor and movie star?

7.The original Tin Man in the 1939 “Wizard of Oz” bowed out when he was allergic to the makeup. Who was he?

8.“Citizen Kane” was about a famous publisher. In real life, what was his granddaughter’s first name?

9. Complete this lyric from “Singin’ in the Rain” - Moses supposes his toese are roses, but Moses supposes . . . blank.

10.Kim Novak is best remembered for Hitchcock’s Vertigo. She was in the news last week for taking out an ad to protest the use of Vertigo’s soundtrack in which 2011 Oscar contender?

Good luck! I’ll see you Monday.











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