There’s a moment in “Too Much English” where the Love Interest takes a phone call from a character in “Falling Up the Stairs.” We don’t hear it, but I hear it. When I hit that scene tonight I realized how something I planted a year ago explained the lives of characters in “Morocco Alley.” I had no idea.

So, yes, revision proceeds apace, as the cliche has it, and my decision to bang out all three without stopping to polish is vindicated.

Rain tonight. Walked out on the porch, held up the phone to show the lightning to wife and child in Arizona, via Face Time. A commonplace marvel.

Today’s Scanned object:



Any theater memories? I remember getting popcorn at the stand next to the Fargo theater - an old guy ran it. Never said much. The bags were greasy. Best popcorn in town. The oil, the salt, the corn, the crunch.



















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