It's a hiatus! Really, a short one. You'll be surprised. But unlike some sites that wander away for days or weeks without explanation, and give you nothing but a greying and decaying post at the top whose persistence makes you wonder if the proprietor gave up on the whole thing because he's nothing to show for blogging at all except a brackish taste of disappointment and self-reproach, I have prepared some things to hold you over.

The Gallery of Regrettable Food never, ever remains at rest for long.

Here you will find more ads from the 50s, when food was a bit different than it is today. And by different I mean apalling.




What's down here? Damned little, I'm afraid. Even the Matchbook update is stale. This may not be a total hiatus but here's where I draw the line. Matchbook-wise I am hiating.

More tomorrow.



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