Back tomorrow. See? That wasn't long. I considered whether I should release this site today, or save it for something else - but what? This is just the type of situation for which I make these sites. It's a one-off; it fits nicely into a previously defined site; it's perfectly suited for, and it has that simultaneous sense of awe and revulsion that makes for a good historical document. To what do I refer?

The word "RESERVATRON" ought to tell you where we are in the previous century. It's the early 60s, and Sheraton has completed a bold, brilliant new idea in ultra-modern hotels. Namely:


That's the "King's Hideaway."

You might think that this would be at odds with the idea of a hotel with a RESERVATRON SYSTEM, but that was the 60s. The future and a kitschy past existed side by side.

The hotel in question can be found on Google Street View, captured at the end of its days. By the entrance, a valet stand or something, done in the old Kingly style, but rendered tired and confused by subsequent renovations:

Anyway. I'm not spoiling anything. Those are outtakes. Ready? It's a site about two Sheraton Motel brochures. Here you go ~ enjoy!




Sorry, nothing down here. Not even new classic covers. In fact, those are over entirely, with a new feature to start next week. See you tomorrow.


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