Comment spam I found in an old blog entry on a site that didn’t get much in the way of comments, or moderation. A novel way around the usual filters.

Catkins shook his head. how he said. Catkins thought, He Tong and Cao Hongbo two Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 men interesting, always run into something you push me, I push you. However, the catkins can understand this, He Tong to help her, if crossed Cao Hongbo, not only does not meet the Cheap Louis Vuitton Purse approval process from the bottom, there is likely to cause Cao Hongbo relationship between two people of their Louis Vuitton Website suspicion. Similarly, if Cao Hongbo easily stand in front of catkins in the face, where fear at the Tong Tong He, however, to lose face. The night wore on, a burst of cool Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale wind swept, so catkins a Ji Ling, involuntarily his hand from out of the hands of Ho Tung, hold fast to his body.

I love the way they slip in the links.

there is likely to cause Cao Hongbo relationship between two people of their Louis Vuitton Website suspicion.

The night wore on, a burst of cool Louis Vuitton Handbags On Sale wind swept,

I miss the glory day of robot poetry. There was a time when the word-salad spam reached odd poetic heights, and they all had a distinctly melancholic tone. This seems to fall into that genre. Googling some of the words yields other examples, sprayed on the web by dispassionate machines:

Confirming herself will links of london help investigators as they try to decipher the puzzle of the abandoned links of london sweetie bracelets ruins found jewellery wrapped in sheets and nestled in surgeon bags among scrunched up copies of 1930s newspapers

"The AbandonedLlinks of London Sweetie Bracelets" could be a sad little picture book. Another example mentions our enigmatic hero, Catkins:

The golden world podium thing, it only King can Replica Louis Vuitton Luggage do up to auction. There is no such things.

Wu Yangzhong indirect three phones, which have a phone, it seems a bit different, is go outside to pick up Louis Vuitton Store. Catkins somewhat depressing, because it did not drink tea out of the slightest taste for.

You have to go to another site to find the rest of the story:

After telephone communications, if plane, Wu Yang said at the meeting, if the cell phone, Wu Yang said the trip or during school. Phone, Wu Yang are always grinning, attitude was great, which makes catkins did not lose his temper. She wanted Louis Vuitton Wholesale to give him loose soil, not even his side did not let her stick.

Another more important is the Shaw Brothers party.

Wu Yang, getting around the world, smiling, enjoying his life - but Catkins didn’t mind. The problem was her inability to get uncompacted dirt from the handbag store, and their rejection completed the sense of alienation she felt from the world. Not even his side did not let her stick.

Of the Shaw Brothers party, let us say no more.

So I had to do this today. No, that’s not right; not “HAD.” The term is “was lucky enough to be able to do it, thereby expanding my list of accomplishments at work, and meeting lots of people who read my column.” There’s no possible drawbacks to this, even if it consisted of standing on a box and talking in the most echoey room in the history of nightmarish acoustics:

Nice crowd; nice people.

I had to thank the food vendors, pitch the new T-shrts, introduce the new lip balm flavor (which I said was “Poultry Barn,” just to see if they were listening) and introduce some of the journalists who would be covering the Fair. It was fun, if a bit surreal; imagine where you work, the space you pass through daily on the way to the elevators, and then imagine yourself standing on a box addressing 200 strangers on the subject of tickets and t-shirts.

Afterwards a fellow came up to ask: Are you into trivia?

Well, sure, except sports and rivers.

When did the StarTribune first reveal itself at the State Fair?

I said I didn’t know, but it could be a long time ago. Might have had a little booth in 1902, for all I knew. So, when?

Oh, I don’t know, I thought you might. Then he asked me: when did Teddy Roosevelt revealed himself and made that famous speech? That’s easy: 1901. He nodded.

When did Sid Hartman (longtime sports columnist) first reveal himself to the Tribune?

At this point I wanted to ask what was going on with all the revealing, as though someone was standing in a beam of light announcing his godhead.

If he'd asked me when Catkins first revealed Louis Vuitton indirect to the soil, golden podium sad not in links of lost phones, I would have run away screaming.

Remember, these are one-plate meals. No muss and fuss of double-plated lunches. Modern dining has solved another problem!

The celery and carrot cancel the cake. Entirely.



Well, sure, I'll have some broth - but only if it's SCOTCH. And shout it! SCOTCH BROTH.

The more you look at it, the more you realize that the sandwiches are tiny, or the bowl of soup is huge.


A Western sandwich, if you're interested, is a Denver omelette on bread. The term goes back to at least 1908. It's a hearty meal, and I'd have it any day - except I'm not sure what's particularly summery about it. On the contrary. Seems like a winter meal. And the idea that it's one "One Plate" seems to require rather non-standard plates.

WHO CARES if it's on one plate, for heaven's sake.

More tomorrow? You bet.





The Black Widow serial is holding up well, even though the hero's rather bland, doesn't get along with the Girl Friday, and the plot's pretty much the same as every other bloody serial I've ever seen, but I still like it. Maybe because the hero is a mystery writer who shoots bad guys in real life with no consequences whatever.


Let's catch up.

Usually the cliffhanger omits a few seconds that make all the difference - say, someone jumping out of a plane just in time, or a car just in time, or a train just in time, and so on, I’ve noticed that the Black Widow tends to omit rather large sections that redefine the very idea of a cliffhanger, inasmuch as no one was ever in any danger at all. Last week we saw Joyce's car blow up, with Steve way behind her on the road. Well:

Still, that's a good explosion. Onward! Something now about transporting rocket motors in a plane. Sondra the Black Widow will surely want to know about this, but how? Little does Steve Colt and the editor of the Daily Clairion know that the Black Widow has an agent in the Clarion’s operation. The janitor.

This . . . is literally unbelievable.

So there was a recording machine going the entire time in PLAIN SIGHT, and no one knew about it because it was never in the frame?

Well, Sondra decides to hijack the plane, by sending thugs in a packing crate to be stowed on the plane. Because no one would check the manifest or open the boxes. For good measure, the annoying reporter is stowed in a crate on the plane:

This matters, because once the thugs get out of the box - and they’re well-dressed thugs, I’ll give them that -

They learn that the plane can’t be diverted over the mountains because it has too much cargo. So they’ll have to throw out everything except the rocket motors. Oh no! This surely means our heroine! Well, thug #1, who’s watching the pilot, makes a bad judgment call when he sees the pilot reaching for his rod:


Brilliant. This leads to a pretty good but hatless fistfight in cargo hold, and one of those satisfying things that makes you nod approvingly at the turn of events:

Meanwhile, back in the cockpit, Slugger’s Remorse:


Well, you know where this is going, don’t you?

Missing is the scene where Steve stops it in time, lets her out, lands the plane, puts the other thug in, takes off, then pushes it out. OR IS IT?

No, that made no sense. I know.



That'll do - it's off to the Fair on Wednesday. It begins.


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