And now a week of small, irrelevant things presented by me, the small, irrelevent -

Hold on. Let me try that again. It's the week between holidays, and I'm taking most of it off. But there will be stuff here, just to clean out the gunwales. For example:

While going through some old pages to make sure they still work, I noticed that the embedded map behaved poorly. Untitled location. All black. Had I entered some peculiar envelope where the laws of space had been oddly warped? I zoomed in:

  It was the middle of the ocean. Floating alone in the vast blue world:

He lived on a tiny submerged city in the Atlantic off the west coast of Africa.

Clicking on the name goes to a clothing store in Barcelona.



Notice how this never happens in the movies? Whenever anyone gets information from the Official Computer Sites, it's always accurate.






An update below. Three whole entire matches!



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