Ahhhh, crap! you say. Or maybe not. If you are new to the Bleat, you might be wondering what this is. Hiatus? Manual redirection from the index page? What sort of confusing, mad, non-standard website have you tumbled into?

If you’re an Bleat patron of long standing, you know that this content-during-hiatus thing is a new innovation, and frankly now you expect nothing less.

Okay. Well. This week will be fun. No site updates; none of the usual below-the-fold features. Instead I’ll trot out some stuff I’ve been saving for months . . . for years, in some instances. Stuff that doesn’t go anywhere else, and probably doesn’t deserve a site of its own.

There will be a rough simulacrum of the usual daily theme. For example: Monday always has matchbooks, right? So today, being Monday, we have Matchbooks. If you think about it it you'll see the connection.

At one of the postcard shows - I think - I found two salesman's brochures. There's cheesecake, and there's spinach:

I have a few of these, so someone must have bought them. IThe addresses are real - 23 Van Zandt is a location in Albany, and there are eBay auctions for Mack's Tavern. Terrace Court has some portcard evidence as well.

NO CHOICE of pictures, pal. You'll take them and you'll like it.

These might maake people resolve to drive with more care, but it also made you think of kids getting run over, and that would spoil the fun.

Now you know how much inside printing cost. In case you ever wondered: five hundred dollars for 100,000 matchbooks.





Seems it was popular: they ran a new serie.


If we assume they're real locations, where was the M & E Drive Inn? 3801 Agnes comes back as a Corpus Christi location.

There's nothing next door to the Post Office now. There's a house. Hughes might have set up shop there.

You wonder what Officer Crossing Guard did to get busted down that far. I'd like to think he exposed a massive corruption ring but was punished for a technical infraction, just to show the rest of the troops that snitching on the rest of the blue wasn't entirely okay.

The Somerset Bar has "follow the crowd" on the saddle, which suggested the city had throngs of people moving en masse towards a single location.

Bar or no bar, it's bad advice.



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