AS I SAID YESTERDAY, No I’m not on a cruise. No, I’m not traipsing across the Continent. But I am cooking up something different, and hence have stepped away from the daily updates.


Hey, here's something that's been sitting around in the Misc folder for a few weeks. Guess what type of building this is:

There's one small hint. Aside from the banking table - which isn't for banking. More?

It's so beautiful.

And they were so broke. Or at least that's the story we tell when we talk about the 30s. This building's interiors were done in Streamline Moderne, NOT ART DECO. I keep having this argument, although it's pointless; this is Art Deco to everyone now.

For the People, nothing was too good. Beauty and function shall combine for this modern, rational world. Clean lines will defeat Old Man Depression!

Most of the windows have been boarded up for as long as I remember.

There are a few windows open, though; it's a full-service Post Office.

The modern occupants do not have the most exacting sense of style.

If you'd like more, including old photos and exterior shots, it's right here.




We're playing B-sides this week. But the A-side's great.

You're in the Jailhouse now! / You're not behind a plow! You beat up a snitch / you're no one's yard bitch / You're in the Jailhouse now!

It's an old tune - Jimmy Rodgers sang it back in the twenties. Webb Pierce covered it in '55.

But let's listen to the B side.


Today's DEEEEP LINK: Pictures. I realize that's not exactly a specific desciption, but there is a site at that's just my "photographs." I cleaned this up a while ago, with special attention to the Hermitage site. Dogs, too.

Comments discussion prompt: What do you do with your old photos? Are they backed up, sorted, named? Do you print them off? If you grew up with 30 pictures of your childhood in one book, are you better off now with 5,000 pictures slumbering in a folder somewhere?



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