The End of Hiatus Week brings something unexpected - and by that I mean, of course, exactly what you would usually get on a Friday. Only less of it.

Text, text, text goes here.

Text, text, text goes here. Text, text, text goes here.Add something here to pad out the top before the ad. Remember to remove the text so it doesn't look as if this is just placeholder words left in by mistake. That would be make me look stupid. That would make me look like someone who actually put "Dean Stockwell's Acting Coach on 'The Langoliers'" on his resume without realizing that's Dean's worst performance in his long and enjoyable career. He's supposed to be a Stephen-King type character, too. An author. It's horrible. Bronson Pinchot is horrible, too. It has a blind kid as all airplane disaster movies should have. I don't know why I watched it. To be honest I skipped through most of it, like you did through this paragraph. But you wouldn't be reading this unless you did.




As noted, I'm going through the entire Gildersleeve series this year - and there's a lot.

For this Hiatus edition, some dialogue clips. The war's over. Everyone was feeling good about the future, right?



The old, old story. This is pretty dark, when you think about it - and no doubt a lot of people felt the same.




Gildy unburdens himself on Mr. Peavey, and pours out his heart to Congress.





Again, the irritating laugh guy! He had to have been staff.





Music to get your attention - it picks up on Judge Hooker's billygoat cackle - and then gets, well, morose.



A strange episode. The writers felt the need to recognize the national mood, and then give everyone a good bucking-up.


AD: Let's end Hiatus Week with Jack Webb telling you why smokers should be like good cops. Scientific cops.

Accessory organs not affected.



Back Monday - see you then!



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