I have a headache, so this will be brief. Also, I have a column due, unless I quit tomorrow. Just walk away with the cliche dusting-off-the-hands gesture. Perhaps it’s time for a change. Perhaps it’s time to go into the heavy machinery business. Got an email today:

Good day to you .  jlileks
Crane machine we produced
Hope to work with you .

Consider me piqued! What might I be buying that produce to hope work?

Quick Details
Feature: Bridge Crane / Gantry Crane
Rated Loading Capacity: 3-200t
Rated Lifting Moment: 50-320KN
Max. Lifting Height: 30m
Span: 10 - 40m
Warranty: 12 months
Main electrical parts: Siemens or Schneider
Control: Cabin, Pendent or Remote
Work Duty: A3~A8

You’re thinking man, that sounds sweet - but I’ll bet they get you on the extras. No!

Weight overload protection device:Included
Crane traveling limited switch:Included
Current overload protection system:Included
Kind Regards

Johnny He 

It’s the end where I thought: man, I almost fell for it. They get you all hyped up and then hope you notice that Kind Regards are not included.

Is there anyone out there in the crane-acquisition business that looks at this email and thinks hmm, I am in the market. Better give Johnny a call, because I'm absolutely out of ideas about where I could find a crane.

This could be art, if it was a modern museum that looked for irony and disconnected imagery that somehow meant something, or better yet, nothing at all:

The neon from the Arby’s on the other side of the hall colors all the history pix that hang upon the wall.

Everything you see above gone. That was the Donaldson's store. (Lots more here, and recently redone.)

Take a look at this:

You get a sense of the size of the picture. Now let’s do that Blade Runner thing and enhance, because there’s an amazing amount of detail contained in this image.

You can even see the strange lump on the middle guy’s cheek.

Let’s go up the street a bit. You can see the display window’s contents. If you had to guess from the car and the interior design, what year would you say?

IWhy, it’s staring you right in the face. Note the words
words on the handbill: the PAN is the Pantages theater, so that helps. It’s . . . 99 River Street, released in 1953.

But when? Sept 11th was the release date, but it didn’t hit Minneapolis until Dec. 2nd.

BRUTAL AND BLASTING. Because the past was so much more restrained and genteel.

The movie was gone in a week. One of the things I've learned from old papers? The astonishing number of movies no one's heard of, or remembers. "My Heart Goes Crazy" was a British film made in 1946, and released over here in '53. No wonder it got small billing.

This one I love . . .

Ththe building in the middle - three identical arches - was the last standing on the block, if I remember correctly. By then it was known as the Times Building.

It's shabby and old, but it's glorious, and I'd give anything to visit for a week.

Mumps Lawson: still high as a kite

Mais non! Mais oui, Pierre. Solution here.



Do you recall Monday - waaaay back at the start of the week - when we looked at a Nick Carter movie? The character is absolutely without individual characteristics. He's just "brilliant," that's all. The show ran forever on radio. The actor sounded too old for the part. The scripts - well.



That's just horrible writing. The description contradicts itself and the dialogue is unnatural.

It ran for ten years.



Instead of the swank old sounds of Goodwill albums, this year we're going to share bad 1960s pop music. The second- and third-tier tunes.

1967. Quite earnest, but . . .


Just move, already.


The song would be blessedly shorter if Mom had just said "yes" and closed the door.


1947. No, I haven't heard it. No one has, anymore.


Well, we've made it through another week, and as usual I hope the visits were worth your while. Next week, though that's another story. Hooooooo boy.

Stay tuned.


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