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A new weekly feature! One paper, one day, stories mean and great. Ads and movies and comics and strange details. There's no way to capture the entirety of the paper without, well, reproducing the whole thing. If you're left wondering what else was going on, that's a testament to our expectations of newspapers.

Here’s what the front page looked like.

Let’s just say that the position of “photojournalist” wasn’t much of a career option in 1909.

"All that remains" was an unpopular sequel to "All That Jazz"

A fellow with the very Minnesota name of John Johnson. He was indeed very Minnesotan:

He was the first governor born in Minnesota to serve in office. He was also first to serve a full term in the present state capitol, and the first to die in office. Johnson sought the 1908 Democratic presidential nomination but lost to William Jennings Bryan.

That didn’t work out well for the Ds.

The eldest child of an impoverished Swedish family abandoned by an alcoholic father, Johnson left school at 13 to support his mother and siblings. Local Democrats, impressed with the enterprising young store clerk, asked him to join their party and edit the strongly Democratic St. Peter Herald. His journalistic success attracted statewide attention and fostered political aspirations.

Here's the St. Peter Herald. I'll bet it's the same building.

The press handled this with great reserve:

Elsewhere in the news:



The comics page has a brain tickler. Can you solve it? Answer at the end.


Oh man the hilarity! They’re as funny as today’s newspaper comics.

If there's one thing we're going to learn this year, it's the abiding lameness of newspaper humor.

But this is interesting for its size, and style:


How to sell pianos? Easy! Show the guys running the operation counting all the money they've made.

What an easy puzzle! Why, it’s . . . okay hold on.

The phrase depends on knowing a phrase for “doing right” or “Being honest,” and was their way of assuring you that many people did, indeed, get a dollar.

Oh and buy a piano plz thnkx

Social news of the upper crust. This stuff was put in the paper for the interest of those who wanted to know what their people were doing, and those who were interested in the fascinating lives they'd never experience. Celebrity culture, in a minor form.

Let’s see where these elegant swells lived:

Where did she shop before she left? Atkinson & Co, probably. And she'd need a big trunk. Women wore a lot of clothing in 1909. A lot.

The Atkinson store was on Nicollet & 7th. A shot of the interior can be found here.

The store was substantial:

If you're a local, and wondering where this was - I mean, where on Nicollet and 7th, it's where the IDS stands today. If I may snip from a Shorpy photo:




Let's end with our brains fully tickled. This one ahs the asnwer to the one shown above; it’s easy:

But . . . smilax? It’s a plant. "Greenbriers get their scientific name from the Greek myth of Crocus and the nymph Smilax. Though this myth has numerous forms, it always centers around the unfulfilled and tragic love of a mortal man who is turned into a flower, and a woodland nymph who is transformed into a brambly vine."

So there's our first entry, with many more to come - they'll vary from year to year, town to town, and I hope you'll find them enjoyable and instructive.




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