1. At this point your recollections of 9/11 are probably 4:3, and low-res. The TVs were square and not many were HD. If you made a tape, it degraded. The horror got blurry.

2. If you go to YouTube and type in 9/11, you get about 20 stories before you get to the actual event. I suppose that’s because the others relate to recent news, but you’d think the footage of the day would be of paramount importance.
Most of the complete collections of footage appear to be from Russian channels.

If you go to Google, four of the top ten autocompletes for “9/11” are about conspiracies.

3. The architect of the attack, KSM, “will finally face trial on 2,976 counts of murder and related charges before a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, on Jan. 11, 2021.”

But not a day before, it seems.

From the same story:

Richard Miniter, author of the 2011 book “Mastermind: The Many Faces of the 9/11 Architect, Khalid Shaikh Mohammed,” said high-level military sources told him it was unlikely KSM would get the death penalty, noting that the military hasn’t executed anyone since 1961.

“If this was ancient Rome, they would have dragged him into Yankee Stadium and stoned him to death with the rubble of the World Trade Center — but those days are gone,” he said.

Yes, they are. We replaced the Tarpeian Rock with the out-of-sight out-of-mind eternal legalistic purgatory of Gitmo.

4. Imagine, on 9/12, if someone had said we would be inviting the Taliban to Camp David in 2019 to discuss peace in Afghanistan. You’d have thought: why is there a Taliban in 2019? Why are we still in Afghanistan? What changed that we wanted to talk to them -

or, worse yet, what hadn’t?



Another September, long ago. This is all Garfield news.

The news gave a worried nation hope: he was sitting up without ill result.



Little Fear from It Now!

A hopeful nation learns he has left his bed, and the Glandular Affliction is healing Rapidly and Surely.


The story goes into detail:

You can see how people were beginning to hope that Providence might shine on the President, and he would continue to sit up for longer periods until the wound had healed and the business of America could continue.



That’s the St. Paul Globe version. The black bands indicate something awful happened, as you might expect.

A grief-crazed nation cannot even summon up the fortitude to ensure the fonts are consistent:

  A grief-crazed nation cannot even summon up the fortitude to ensure the fonts are consistent:


The Tribune issue looked better:


  A blissful dream . . .

. . . of home robs death of its terrors? What?

Well, we really don’t know that, do we?

Just to yank the heartstrings more:


Meanwhile: here’s a tale.

  The Jack Ruby of his day?

William Mason, a prison guard, the Jack Ruby of the day. Took a shot, missed. Got an eight-year sentence.



That'll do; see you around.




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