All things considered, a popular public-radio show. No, that’s not it. All things considered, it was a good week, except that I just realized how “all things considered” now makes me think first of NPR instead of a general evaluation of the elements affecting a particular situation. I suppose that’s the height of successful branding. It does put pressure on the show to indeed, consider all things, and the fans will take the title to mean that’s precisely what they do. If they tell you this or conclude that, it is after the consideration of all things.

Well, all the important things, anyway.

Speaking of branding: Daughter wanted my instagram handle. Texted me a request for the name - she’d pay cash money! Oh sure, I said. Why tho? can't you wait until I'm dead to get all my brands


Unsparing and pitiless, this generation. Then we texted about her novel submission and the Red Sox and I sent her frightening pictures of the Woodsmen milling around the convenience store - it was germaine, trust me - and she said tihi, which is your new internet slang, fellow kids!

Debate what you think it means in the comments.

So yes. A good week.



I know there is link chum on my site, but I don’t get more than a few pennies from it. The price for Disqus. I could pay to have it removed. Maybe I will. It costs ten dollars a month to remove the ads. I hate it.


What, they’re all Russian grad students hardened by a life of institutional deceit?

BRACE YOURSELF. I hate those.

I was amused to see this:

Believe me, it’s not a vital use for aluminum, but was it possible they were going to reveal this ingenious thing to the world?

First I had to sit through the usual slideshow with the prose that feels like someone wrote it through a brain freeze.

The last time you got anxious about your grocery items and bought more than you needed? What?

You may not have seen this happen.

“Friendly neighborhood X,” which I first encountered as a kid reading Spider-Man, is not only a bizarre choice, but inapt. Maybe you’d use it for a kindly dentist. But not aluminum foil.

“You’re so excited about your camping trip you forget the pan.” That happens so much.

No one saw the two "Well" sentences traveling in tandem?

Finally: did you know our ancestors made fire with STONES?

Here’s the thing: the picture is the opposite of a waterproof match, because the pin is present for one exact purpose: to provide a channel from the match head to the outside. Why? Exhaust. That’s a match rocket.

You take a match, lay a pin along the flat side with the tip of the pin touching the match head; you press a small amount of foil around the head. Then you take a paper clip, bend the inner part up, and lay the match on the inner part, pointing up. Using another match, you heat the foil until the match combusts, sending propellant out the channel created by the pin, and it whooshes up and away.

A match rocket!

Let's catch up on the projects we're watching. Well, I'm watching.

The Government Services Center or whatever it's going to be called.

The biggest building downtown is still in the unexciting Deep Pit Phase.

It would be more interesting if I could get closer.

On a minor note:

The ghastly unfriendly bunker exterior of the miserable City Center is getting opeed up. They've tried this before; this should be brighter and lighter, but there's no way it'll look as if it's not a subsequent renovation intended to atone for the sins of the past.

Pinky's picking up some side money hiring out his gun and badge, it seem:

This one's easy.

What? C'mon. Some of them are hard.


Solution is here.




Back to the Blue Note Cafe.


Fanfare, piano, loud Ethelbert - but what's the song?


It's basic cultural literacy, ya galoot!




Let's wait for the rote stinger, and the custom music . . . Hmm. I think it's quoting another song.


If it is, then this is a paraphrase.


I can't shake the feeling that this is a song the audience was expected to know, but it would have to be some old chestnut related to amusement or parties, and the compose could quote it without fear of getting dinged by lawyers.


Goodwill finds. I'd say "Goodwill Goodies" but stuff like that makes me slightly ill.


A gloved hand means this is a Classy Experience! And indeed it was, because as a HiFi Guy you knew it was important to know a little bit about classical music.



It's from "a satirical opera," hence the tone.





Do these sounds provoke a memory, tinged with bittersweet recollections?


That'll do - see you Monday! Bleatplus, because it's Friday.



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