Hey there! Happy interstitial week. I'm on vacation, so to speak, even though I'm in pain and have to go to the podiatrist - hope my insurance can foot the bill HA HA! and also I am wearing a restraing boot and fell down the stairs but all things considering, I'm getting out of 2020 pretty good.

Anyway, there will be some stuff M-W to while away the holiday hours. Not a lot. But some.

There are few things that make someone hit the next page in their bookmarks like an account of Christmas told three days later. I mean, our appetite for the particulars of anyone else’s Christmas is not exactly Rabelasian. We’ll hear a tale if there’s drama. But all anyone needs to know is the quick sketch: it was nice! We saw such-and-such. We had this particular item to eat, then did this. It was nice.

That’s the adult version. The kid version is “what did you get,” I suppose, but I’d like to think they have the smarts to keep that short.

So I won’t! Except to say it was nice, and also unusual. The mood stayed through the whole of Christmas day, instead of dissipating around 6 PM. I switched from the pop songs to the choral and classical, which makes a difference. No one wants to hear about Rudolph on the 25th, let alone his boss. When I got in the car to drive to the Giant Swede’s for football, the Nutcracker was playing, and for once I didn’t stab the NEXT button because sometimes it’s just too much to hear, too loaded. I enjoyed it. At the Swede’s place, a surprise: he had cooked a turkey for me and Hercules the Crazy Uke. With stuffing! And a pumpkin pie! Turkey with friends and football; does it get better?

Of course, but only by a micron or two.

When I got back in the car the Nutcracker was playing on a different station, and I listened to it all the way home. Then wife and child called from AZ.

Add that to the previous night - Daughter made Swedish Meatballs, we played some games and fell apart laughing, then opened up some practical useful things - and you have, I think, a contender for the Best Christmas Ever.

It’s still possible. It’s always possible.




This is a minor thing, but I have to ask: why are movie-geek YouTube thumbnails so ugly?

Here's a movie that was Disaster Canned!

It's a video about "10 Finished MOvies that Disappeared Without a Trace," which is why the have clips to show you.

Okay, not bad; respects the original spirit, but the question-mark rotation is a bit dumb.

Okay, here's what I'm talking about. "Secret Meaning." Stupid words like "Adulting."

Please click to learn more about this ancient movie that no one cares about!

Dork-face in the background, gawadful design NOW WITH MORE SLANTYNESS

Yeah, I'm truly intrigued

I've enjoyed some RLM stuff, but this looks like you'll barf. Looks like someone already did.

I suppose that's the appeal to the target audience.

I said it would be light, because I'm on vacation! But there are matchbooks. End of the year sale! Everything must go!





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