The slightest day of the Hiatus week. Just a sound quiz and a slew - indeed, a full slate of 1989 ads. It fills up the Eighties site nicely.

Here's an 80s ad In haven't added, yet.

You can date it by the colors, the sweatband, and the hair. Also, is she wearing suspenders? That wouldn't be entirely out of place.

I wonder where she is today. Really; that's not a sly reference to her obvious subsequent fame. I really don't know who she is. Part of the general allotment of Courtney Cox types.




Sometimes I clip things from movies that don't turn into B&W World entries, because the visuals aren't particularly interesting. I found this in a folder marked  - well, that would spoil it

From a 1954 movie called "Make Haste to Live," I give you Elmer Bernstein, hoping no one in the audience is all that familiar with a certain piece. Can you hear the inspiration?

From the same movie, something that is struggling so hard not to be the opening of a certain movie with which we are all familiar.

Remember, this is 1954.


That'll do. Much more tomorrow. Because we can't entirely let this site go fallow, even during vacations.

Well, we could, but you'd be disappointed.



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