Last of the Arizona pictures. Nothing like that here. Sudden dankness today. Gloom and mist and strenuous wind. Seemed quite cold, now and then. It’s also 73 degrees warmer than it will be in three months.

I saw this at CUfB the other day.

You think: so? Typical Pumpkinification. One of a hundred examples. Except that it’s not - at least at Target, where there are no Halloween-themed cereals at all. At all. It’s possible they didn’t order any. Either way, what changed?

The cereal companies decided that the special boxes didn’t move the needle, and left stores with boxes that were obviously dated. It’s not as if the kids will have a less enjoyable Halloween, does it?

Well . . . no, but. It’s just fun when everything in your little world gets seasonal. It builds up the anticipation.

Or: cereal is just over. It seems over. Most of the varieties I see on the shelves are grown-up, which means they’re aimed at the demographic that grew up with cereal, and is stuck with the habit. How else do you start a day, except by shaking some stuff out of a box into a bowl?

I’d be a bit more sad about the End of Cereal if the last ten years hadn’t seen nothing but brand extensions and licensed-character one-offs.

Not that this is a new thing. From an upcoming addition to the 80s Commercial site:

Discontinued in 1986.

I suppose the Frozen cereals will be gone soon, replaced by other characters, but they seem less numerous. I wonder if it ever occurs to a kid that this aisle isn't any fun any more.

Louis Berold: "Interieur de la Galerie des Machines a L'Exposition Universelle de 1889."

The Gallery of the Machines.

I don't quite know what's going on here. A man is pushing an old woman in a cart, and some maids are looking irritated.

The largest vaulted building ever constructed. Alas:

The proportions of the structure were unfamiliar to people accustomed to heavy stone arches. The trusses were small at the base and larger higher up, and were light and narrow. The Belgian Vierendeel said, "this lack of proportion produces a bad effect; the girder is not balanced; it has no base ... it starts too low ... The eye is not reassured ... The supports of the Galerie des Machines show another fault: they are too empty."

Here's an example of what he meanas about the beams.

A modern marvel: moving elevated visitor bridge-barges.

I would have liked to have attended this exhibit.









Tucked into the armpit - sorry, the west side of New Kensington - our subject for the previous three weeks - is a little town called . . . Arnold. Named after the first settler, Mr. Arnold.

As you'll see, some things carry over from the New Ken mood.

There's something very East-Coast about this block, especially the dullard on the corner.

Old, worn, dense. A bar on the left, perhaps.The front of the building on the right got chopped up, a storefront made into a patio? No canny developer would waste space like that.

The block now. You can see why I got that New Ken vibe.

I don't know what the hell this thing is.

Apartments, maybe. It just looks like a remnany of an utterly collpsed society.

Ah, a nice bit of Americana. The store, proudly paintedl  the flag, the old signage.



Even the flag seems deflated.

The wsign on the bjuilding that sold Tappan Ranges:

Let's get a closer look . . . oh, right, I forgot, trees. They always revive downtowns, Any day now.

Most recent picture: the tree's gone, and we can see the sign.

Did they put ovens and ranges in the show windows?

Arnold. Kensington. Hence:

Post-modern classica revival, Arnold style:

Or, as some approvingly called it: classy!

First you get the bad news.


Scroll back in time via the Google cars . . .


No bygone picture of a gutted downtown would be complete without painted over and formerly neon perpendicular signage.


I wonder if people were indifferent to its passage, or sad: another loss.


Remember the sign with the floating plus? I'm wondering what that means here, and the only thing I can think of -

Hey, there's someone upstars

I guess he's always been up there. A ghost who airs out the place.

Anyway, if I had to guess, I'd say Nursing Shoes.


Try as they might, it's hard to ruin the lines of streamline moderne.

Once they're set, you can'r ruin them. You can only destroy them.

I wonder if Sam died, had died a long time ago, or was just tired and ready to take it easy for a while.



I hope he moved to Florida.

One last shot, which will end up in the Google Street View Accidental Art section:

There: one month in one place. Wherever we go next, it can't be this depressing.


  Now hit the road! Motels await.





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