You've probably noticed it already, but man: not a house for anyone who likes a drink or has the occasional spell of vertigo. Not a lot of counter space for prep work, either. But you can do the laundry while keeping an eye on the elevated rumpus room, I guess.

I watched a lot of football this weekend, and holy jeezum crow, some of those endings. While I was watching the Green Bay game I adjusted my AT&T account - hang on, it gets even more exciting. See, I have the DirecTV streaming account, which is AT&T, and my phone's AT&T. The accounts needed to be linked. So. I linked them. This required changing my logon information to their new standard, which I did, sending the new info to my wife in a text so she could log on to watch tennis if I wasn’t around.

What are the chances that her desire to watch tennis would intersect with the weekly evening errands journey, and she'd discover I'd changed the logon info, and she couldn't watch tennis? 100 percent, that's what.

The next day I watched New England put it away in the last few seconds, and was watching the players celebrate when I heard my name called downstairs. I went down, and lo, the logon information did not work.

This was my fault. (All the husbands nod along, silently)

I fumbled with the remote to enter the password, and didn’t get the capitalized letter right, so I did it again. It thought a while and then opened up the stream, wherein . . . I saw Los Angeles had just kicked a field goal, winning the game.



Later I went to the Giant Swede’s for the evening game; we were joined by the Crazy Uke. This game was as good as the other, and I kept getting phone notifications in the last 2 minutes, which I ignored. I thought I might come home to find the house ransacked or ablaze, my wife tearfully insisting she’d tried to call, why didn’t I pick up?

After that password reset that made me miss the end of the first game? Sorry, no.










I watched Paper Moon. I haven’t seen it since I saw it in the theater - I was 15 at the time, I guess, and it certainly had an effect; like my discovery of the Life magazine archives and the Liberty magazine reprints and the New Yorker cartoon archives, it drove me back to a place I found fascinating.

I didn't notice the anachronisms when I first saw the movie; I couldn't. How would I know? The old radio shows were hard to get, available only to collectors. Some might be found on nostalgia LPs. So you wouldn't know that Paper Moon got a lot wrong. The Benny-Allen Feud. Fibber’s closet gag. The movie's set too early.

Doesn't matter.

The radio didn’t catch my attention.

But then, in another motel:

And then another.

In a mirror:


It’s this one.

Now. Were we not expected to notice this? If we were, was there a point? Addie Pray listened to the radio like kids 25 years hence would watch the TV; same sort of rapt uncritical attention. Was Bogdonovich making a point about mass media’s flattening ubiquity by using the same radio in difference places?



It’s 1924.

It’s off because it’s out! By the root! Pulled! Yanked! Every nerve screaming in protest!


Yes, standards and mores have changed, and now you’ll be exposing up to 16 inches of leg on the beach, so get epilating that objectionable hair.

Interesting, or maybe not: Madame Berthe’s store was located here:

Since demolished. Interesting how this location keeps popping up; I recognize the Tudor-type building from an ad in the 1920s Ski-U-Mah mag section.

We're going to see more of that corner later. Alas:


Get your mitts off me, you greasy-headed monkey:

He looks as though he’s considering it for his new Experimental Robot Woman he is building in his la-bor-a-tory.

“Wear low shoes becomingly.”

Minor loss of toe due to restricted blood flow may occur; consult your doctor.


Yeah, they’re just over the moon, a coupla giddy kids:

Be not a sallow, oily bride. The secrets of the Egyptians are now yours!

(The Tut tomb was opened a year before, and you can still see it echoing in the ads of the era.)



Why are the women always thinking of something else in these ads? She looks as if she's just enduring this because she's such a vamp and that's what vamps do. They lead the lads along.

The artist was Thomas King Hanna. His work is available today, and surprisingly affordable!


Googling is tough, since the stupid thing thinks I want Shrek Perfume and I certainly do not want Shrek Perfume.

Babylon Berlin fans will enjoy this picture of their Berlin store. The family’s story makes for interesting reading, particularly if you’re interested in between-the-wars Germany.

Fatima, the cigarette Jack Webb promoted until Chesterfield made a better offer. Great ad; cigarette ads were usually among the more artistic and different.

One hundred years ago isn’t that long.



Gum followed cigarettes into the avant-garde.

I've never known gum to keep me balanced. But it has Pepsin, and that was kinda-sorta . . . medicinal? Pepto-Bismol. Pepsodent. Lots of pepsin in those days.





That will do! Off to see what Fireball's doing this week.





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