I think the temp today was 58 degrees warmer than a few days ago. Don't know where you are, but if it was, oh, 55 last Friday, and it's 113 today.

Sounds pretty good to me, actually.

Screed-wise, I had something on that execrable column about why-shouldnt-we-dance-on-the-graves-of-anti-vaxxers (that's the URL!), but on the other hand, why? As they said when Ben Grimm took the stand, the thing speaks for itself. (Sorry.) Lay down a marker, I suppose. But that’s just that and nothing more. The column's moral turptitude is manifest; its author is either aware of its obvious implications or chunderheaded enough not to see the inevitable result of what he's advocating. Is there something more interesting to say about this?

Perhaps this: why are newspaper columnists or a certain age, for the most part (ahem) such obvious, boring writers? You look at the picture, and if it's a guy over 45, you assume it's going to be thin jam on stale toast. It was my goal growing up to be a newspaper columnist, and now it's like being a Cracker Barrel host.


Remember last week's look at a Kresge filmstrip? Oh, there's more.

This has been lodged in my head for a week and now you will have to share my experience:

And what are those? The little details that make the Kresge difference!

I don't remember the Kresge difference. I barely remember Kresge, which had a store in downtown Fargo. Woolworth's was always better, for some reason.

Anyway.  The gals are getting together in a greenish room that fights mightily against color correction. (I've restored it best as I can.) They're having coffee and talking about variety stores, as people do. Second-from-the-left says she doesn't go to five-and-dimes. They're dumpy, don't have what she needs, and the clerks are jerks.

The Wise Elder Woman says no, Kresge is different. They care!

"Perhaps, but maybe you say that because you work there?"


We get some anecdotes about lousy service in other places.

"Sorry, I don't have the receipt for this return, but c'mon, this is the same stuff you have in stock right over there."

The clerk doesn't want to hear and doesn't care that she's double parked. Which leads to:

The Woman in Red had good service as Kresge! They were keen to note her needs and questions.


You could hang a horseshoe on those hair whorls.

Another tale about calling the store gives us this battle-axe:

Anyway, why is Kresge different? Well, for one thing, the manager cares.

Our manager:

Question: what the hell is this thing?

It's explained that the five-note sequence we heard at the top is the sound the store plays on the PA when assistance is required. I don't know if that's actually true. Maybe it is! And if so, we just learned something about Life in Those Times we otherwise would never have guessed.

By the way, I looked for additional info on the filmstrip, and up pops a totally legit site in Russia, with this message board thread:

Thirty-four minutes after the message, someone has a link to a 1961 Kresge training filmstrip! Amazing! But uh-oh


The site wants a credit card number, says the OP, five minutes after the question was answered.

Makov is here with reassurances!


Don't worry guys, its trusted site!

None of the links on the page work, except for the one that takes you to the site that has the file. It's a bot-generated site that creates a fake conversation to get your CC number.

Okay, off to clean my cookies.




t’s 1977.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a hand-drawn masthead. I mean the actual name of the paper, not the art.


Mmm-hmm yep, that’s right, that’s what everyone knows.

They’re talking about the Panama Canal treaty, by the way.


Well, this is a horrible story:


In the end, they caught him, and after a trial, introduced him to Old Sparky and said take a seat.

Williams was convicted in Lincoln in 1978 for the murders of Patricia McGarry and Catherine Brooks in 1977. Williams shot McGarry in the face during an argument, and then raped and murdered Brooks, who came to McGarry's aid. He was originally sentenced to death for both murders, but one death sentence was thrown out on appeal.

The double murder was the beginning of a three-state rampage that started with another rape in Lincoln the next day and the murder of Virginia Rowe in Sioux Rapids, Iowa, the day after that.

The next day, Williams kidnapped a railroad worker and kidnapped, shot twice, raped and dumped a St. Paul, Minn., woman - who survived - in a field. He was arrested in Lincoln eight days after the double homicide.

Wayne Earl Rowe, who found his wife's naked, bloody body in their bed in 1977, was allowed to witness the execution by Nebraska State Penitentiary administrators. He said seeing Williams die gave him closure to his wife's murder.

Hope so.

I’ve never seen this before.

A combination editorial and comics page.

Is that supposed to be Jimmy Carter? Yes; he has a C on his cap, so we know.

I’m not sure what the cartoon is supposed to mean, except to criticize Congressional oversight and the size of “welfare” programs. You don’t hear the word “Welfare” or the phrase “welfare state” much anymore.Now they’re entitlements.

  The lead editorial. It predicts any amnesty will lead to another, and the additional immigrants will bring relatives, and the only part of Carter's plan that makes sense is heavy border enforcement.

I love columns like this. He tells about the Skip’s Eggs to Steaks, currently under construction. People need to know these things. They’re important.

Looks like his father used to be the publisher; looks this Kemper checked out in 1996 at the age of 60.

A sample of the comics, which were in a nadir age. Here's a good primer on how not to surprise your foes:


Fella could get all his Christmas shopping done here




That'll do! Enjoy your midweek moments. Auto ads await.





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