In case you're wondering if I took a shot by accident, that's looking straight up from the cigar cove at the office. Nothing altered.

Well, it's the end of another week

Sorry, that's obvious. Can't be the end of the same week. There's been a billion incremental adjustments to the world since last Friday, and we'll know none but our own.


Let's check in on the new crypto economy! These tweets started popping up in my twitter feed. I think they might be a tad suspicious.


A new decentralized paradigm that will change everything!

Are you in? What? No? You're going to be left behind. Listen to this guy, who's been on Twitter for 12 years and never followed anyone.


  15 BNB seems to be the sweet spot for bot action
  And here's a totally different guy!

Well, at least we're done with NFTs, right?


Better art is unlikely

  Highly unlikely
It's the last gasp. It's all dead. Then again:

Fart noise reportedly sells for $280,000 in Bitcoin's own NFT mani

On February 9, an "Ordinals Punk" — the Ordinals version of CryptoPunks — sold for 9.5 BTC (~$218,000). That record has now been broken by Inscription 2042, which is not an image but rather a 1-second-long audio recording of a fart sound. The NFT reportedly sold for 12.3 BTC (~$280,000), though it's tough to verify given the lack of any sort of Ordinals marketplace.

I think someone's having a larf.

Anyway, the web3 news site also had this:

The Metroverse NFT-based game caught the end of the 2021–22 crypto bull market, minting the Genesis collection in January 2022. The project sold out quickly, netting the project creators 2,000 ETH (~$6.3 million) from the mint alone, not to mention 5% royalties on the 25,361 ETH in trading volume since.

The project promised to deliver a "land trading NFT strategy game" with mechanics they said would be "similar to Sim City", and flashy artwork drew in an excited fanbase.

In related news:

Hello Metizens, after one and a half years of development and delivering on the roadmap, Metroverse will be shutting down and ending further development of the game.

Take a look at the video explaining it. Take a look at this nonsense.

Boy, that looks fun.


And now, our new Friday feature. Extracts from the Dream Diary . . . illustrated by Artificial Intelligence.

I had done a TV show, and it had gone well; they said they’s be happy to have me back, so I showed up the next week with all sorts of ideas, one of which was a parody of 1960s British TV spy / adventure shows, and featured a solemn boy detective. (I would play this role.) I would be followed around by nuns on tall bikes who wanted to help, but ended up making things worse. I thought it would just be smashing.


I knew I was taking a chance just showing up and expecting to be on TV, and knew right away I’d made a mistake. The producer displayed the minimum amount of good manners and assurances that we would all work together in the future, then told me that the Empire State Building was giving free impressions of its logo on any pancake, but you had to supply the pancake. He noted it would work on a crepe as well. He seemed certain this would get rid of me.






I've shown you this one before. But it has a nighttime look I've never seen. It's one of the ugliest structures in town.


Oh for heaven's sake.

Oh for heaven's sake.

Solution is here.

Bonus fun! This year's old newspaper feature: a social no-no single-panel illustration. Can you figure out what's wrong?

Here's the thing: I'm not giving the answer today. If link to it, speculation will dry up. The answer will be yours on Monday, by which time I expect you'll have fogotten all about it.

Now two ways to chip in!

Hope the week was worth your visits! Something . . . unexpected on Monday. See you then.




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