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That was easy. I suppose.

Friday! Better week than the last one. Great conversations, text-wise, with Daughter about things. She attended the shoot for the coffee commercial for which she designed a big back tattoo, and sent shots from the shoot. Watch for it, Eastern Seaboard people!

Well, let's see what I set side in the Blog Fodder folder.

  Oh come on.

There's a substantial contingent of weed-as-a-substitute-for-personality types on Twitter and the local subreddits who are all thrilled about legalization. Fine; I don't care. But it's just odd how we talk about the dispensaries and the new strains and happy-flavored-seltzers and the like without ever discussing that the point of all this is to get stoned. And that weed at the fair would mean dealing with more stoned people, who are basically dumb. I mean, they're having fun and enjoying the whole rearrangement, but high people are annoying to everyone who isn't high. (See also, drunk people.) At least they're not violent, but they're either zoned or silly.

You can take gummies and walk around stoned, and no one will care. But there's something about smoking the stuff that's very, very important. I passed a parked car today, en route to my own, and the ripe smell of weed billowed from the open window. The occupants were laughing and having a grand afternoon. And then they drove! It's like watching people sit behind the wheel and take pulls off a bottle of whiskey.

No no it's totally different. Sure.

As a Reddit guy explains, any disapproval of people getting smoke-addled at the Fair is, well, entry-level fascism.

  Dude's got it figured out.

This is really cool.

  Click here for a video that shows what it looks like.

The responses are awed and enthusiastic, but there are always those replies that just mystify.

I suppose you could, but that would lack a certain quality of actually being in the place where the things you see once stood.

My favorite:

  Can't possibly imagine anything.

From Vogue, a reminder that if you presume, you make a pre out of u and Me:

  By Jove, I think that's exactly the situation here! It wasn't that I found the work grotesque and made her look like a shaved pug that put its face in a beehive. The problem is that I can deduce by simple observation that she's had some work done.

I still don't know what this means. Is anyone offended that she got a mug tug? No. Is it possible for someone to feel a sense of offense because they are aware of this aesthetic botch? I do not believe so.

What did we do before social media.


And now, our new Friday feature. Extracts from the Dream Diary . . . illustrated by Artificial Intelligence.

Somehow I got involved in the shooting of Indiana Jones #3, the chase sequence on the water in Venice. (prompt: shooting a movie in Venice)

I was pleased because I thought this meant I was part of the movie now, but when I went into a meeting with all the important people, the door closed in my face. However, Steven Speilberg took pity on me, stepped outside, and gave me a very critical task: to update the loading screen of the VCR release to show the version number for the VCR firmware. When I asked who bought those these days, he said they were very popular as replacement units, because the kids break them.

(Prompt: loading screen for a VCR)

Also, my leg was rotting because I’d eaten some strange grass that made the skin separate from the muscle. But it didn’t hurt.

Some other outcomes for the intentionally vague prompts: busted Venice . . .

And this:






Firehouse project proceeding exactly as expected. Ordinary facade, glassed-in corner windows.

Speaking of which, the latest view of the Stadium apartments: Ordinary facade, glassed-in corner windows.

This one disappoints more than anything else that's gone up lately. Maybe when the wood comes and the corner's better.

I love it when the fourth panel is just silent regret:


Just a couple of guys, sitting around in the bedroom, cleaning guns. Solution is here.

Bonus fun! This year's old newspaper feature: a social no-no single-panel illustration. Can you figure out what's wrong?

The answer will be yours on Monday. For now, speculate away.

Now two ways to chip in!

That will do! Hope you enjoyed your visits this week. We'll convene again on Monday for the usual diversions.




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