I’m thinking of switching from DirecTV to Hulu Live, as I noted, and I checked the channel line-up. I don’t watch any of them. I suppose I could, since I like true crime and old movies, but it’s not as if I lack for options. I should just get Criterion and BritBox, because there’s two seasons of a new Alan Partridge show about which I knew nothing. How is BritBox different from Acorn? Or BBC Select? Who knows? Do I get it so it’s on the AppleTV front panel, or do the stupid thing and tuck inside Amazon Prime OR the AppleTV thing which is called, of course, TV?

My wife will never find it. We have STARZ, for a show she likes. There is a STARZ pane on the AppleTV screen. It does not work, because I keep forgetting to get the credentials, because I got it originally through Amazon Prime. Same with Paramount+ (only for Star Trek, then ta-ta), which is the AppleTV construct, aka, TV.

It is a bag of hurt, as the man said, and I’m sure it’s self-inflicted on my part, but this abundance of riches turns into paralysis and two-dozen half-watched shows scattered among five different services. Give us a la carte! We begged, and the industry got its Bob Sniveley face and twirled its mustache and drew its cape up to its beaked nose and chuckled, softly. As you wish, my friend. As you wish.

And now, chum and detritus, from the hellscape that is the bottom of so many webpages.

Sometimes I think they just get plugged in at random:

Aren't you just so curious to know who she was?

No? What's wrong with you? Do you even America, bro?

I think this is a bit much, what with the whole rutabaga-Medusa look:

Next, a mistake that led to a rush for the exits: people were enraged! Tore the ticket-taker limb from limb and beat the manager with a severed arm!

Translation: lots of people noticed these things except for us, because we're dumb! We - the collective we behind JourneyRanger - are frankly astonished at our failure.

It's JourneyRanger above, and now Science 1st is reporting the same thing - with a different colored attention ring!

Apparently they watch this scene repeatedly.

The obligatory stupid travel hack:

It'll take you 97 clicks to find the answer, which probably isn't provided at all. But by click #72 you'll be wondering what incredible fat-melting / fungus-killer is coming your way on the next page. I'm sure the bottle hack is meant to indicate whether someone took your car and drove it around all night and put a bottle back, but it wasn't a Russian bottle, so you know you're being stalked.

Wouldn't be a detritus week without sniggering voyeuristic sexbait:

The entire moment? Not a semi-moment or a demi-moment, but a whole moment? In which a shapely young woman looked at her phone?

  And the emperor shall commission a terracotta army of middle-management men

Because it's the Necronomicon, the terrible tome of the dead!

Always trust content from "Sport Pirate."


This is practically a 1972 Marvel horror-anthology comic story. A pawn-shop owner wise to the ways of the dark side recognized right away the forbidden volume, but the kid, enthused by the power he now controlled, ran out heedless of the warnings, mocking the old man. He ended up entombed for all time in a room filled with cold coins, mocked by the treasure he could not spend!

Anyway, you're supposed to click, and not think of the unlikelihood of a boy going to a pawn shop.






And now, the weekly dream-journal entry, illustrated by AI, because that's what this week is all about.

The world was going to end, but there was a rocket leaving for another planet. I was going to put the family on it and stay behind, but at the last minute I thought this was rather stupid, and I should go along with them. We took George and Nancy, too, even though I thought this might be getting a little crowded.

Everyone took their time packing, which struck me as unwise, and it took forever to get to the base, because we were trying to drive through New York during a circus parade.

Prompt: a circus parade in New York

We stopped at some point to get sodas, and I paid with a check, thinking that the world would be over by the time it cleared, but I told the clerk not to worry about whether the check was good; I knew the guy who ran Vericheck, knew him from college. His name was Ned Smith. Do you know how he ran the company? He got copies of all the bad checks and took pictures of them and arranged them in a file.

Prompt: bad checks in a file

I don’t know if the world ended or not, but I know that the man behind the program to get off the planet was accused of sexual harassment, and had to resign.

Prompt: space bureaucrat

(okay, one more: the New York Circus Parade.)

The worse it is, the more I love it.

Another three-panel example, with panel #4 giving Tubby some work so he can keep his union card:

I have the feeling this one hinges on -

Well, no, that's for you to figure out. Solution is here.


This year's old newspaper feature: a social no-no single-panel illustration. Can you figure out what's wrong?

The answer will be provided on Monday. I think we all know where this one is going.


Now two ways to chip in!

That will do! Thank you for your visits, and I'll see you on Monday.




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