Well, that was . . . rocky. I took the stage and boomed out the introduction to turn heads and get people to wander over and watch, if only to observe something unpredictable and possibly embarrassing. The mic volume was way too low.

As in, not really on.

So I had to vamp while turning knobs, and none of the knob-turning resulted in anything. The people in charge went back and turned knobs. Nothing. Then FEEDBACK of the painful sort that turns audiences away, grimacing. After that I had some volume, but not enough to reach the people who were standing in line for the lip balm, so I had to shout, keep the line moving as fast as I could be still do the bits and routines. At the very end, with about a minute to go, I got full volume.

Hope it goes better Friday morn.

LATER At the office, having just attended the goodbye party for one of the Gym Gals. Very sweet person and a source of constant cheer, although of the underplayed variety. Off to a better job in another city. Cake, provided by management, small and rote with the sort of frosting that’s just heroin if you haven’t had cake in a while.

Well, what have we at week's end?

I found this postcard online while researching the Hotel Lyon match you saw on Monday.

Potent little shot.

A man coming out of the side entrance. The old cafe sign. The Graphic! Wonder what that was like.


Messy is better.

Down the block: I wonder if that round thing was a chain drug store sign. Seems big.

Tell-tale contours of a streamlined age:

Glad it's all intact, but which would you like to visit?





The Firehouse complex is almost topped off, I think.

Unlike some other recent projects, it takes good advantage of its siting and presents a nice glass front. Great views.

On the other side of the block, a smaller portion for those who don't want views and prefer street noise:

A reminder what was there: the ancient firehouse.

It's much better than the Stadium Apartments we've been following.

Tiny's so jaded that a dead man just irritates him.

You'll note she hasn't confessed. Solution is here.


This year's old newspaper feature: a social no-no single-panel illustration. Can you figure out what's wrong?

The answer will be provided on Monday. I think we all know where this one is going.


Now two ways to chip in!

That will do! Thank you for your visits, and I'll see you on Monday. Oh - you're right, I did skip the Dream Compendium. Now and then I take a breather from this or that, intending to store up content for a week that I know will be pressed for copy. Not next week, though!

No, the week after that.

(Sorry about the comments yesterday. SNAFU.)



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