Today: a hiatus from the hiatus? No, that would be returning to regular content.

It's a vacation day, so we'll break . . . except for some commercials and name-that-town, and comments so you may chat if you've the time.



Various odds and ends today.

This next file has two ads. First ad: The way this guy says “NEW” bothers me here and bothers me in every ad he does. It’s as if it was his specialty. NYUEW! The mixed duo with the dulcet guitar was common for the era, and I’d date it in in the early days of the 50s.

Second ad: this is insane

Ocusol, from our old friends at Norwich. The big reveal may surprise you, and make you think hey, where did that idea go, anyway?


I swear I recognize every one of these people, but is that because they’re archetypes? The voice of the first “reporter” is particularly familiar.

We conclude with this week's Hiatal Contest:

A 1924 newspaper contest that went on forever.

I couldn't find the answer key, so we're going to be on our own.