There's no good reason for this site. The web is overstuffed with serious sites that detail the pleasures of film noir, and you know there are inumerable sites with endlessly detailed recitations of classic sci-fi.

This is not one of those sites. These aren't movie reviews, really. They're more about the style and appearance of the Black and Whtie World. No grand claims about how the shades of grey seeped into the morality of the picture, or any of that. It's just a place to put interesting or amusing images, with some excerpted scenes and trailers to make a point.

That's the long explanation. Short version: now that you've found it, you'll poke around until you're bored, or lunch is over. Enjoy your stay.

2014 UPDATE! The list of 2013 additions can be found HERE. Dozens more to chew through! Never a review, that's my guarantee - no, it's biography, inadvertent documentary, and the sheer pleasure of composition.







Includes the worst Titanic movie ever made.
    A style and time all its own, to say the grindingly obvious.
    An ongoing look at Film Noir.
    The 40s wasn't all noir, you know. There was music and war. Often both.
    The joys of drive-in sci-fi features, and other greyscale chillers.
    The name might suggest these are tales of squaresville vs. the rebels. Are they? Well, yes and no.
    Game shows and other delightful wastes of time.
    An exhaustive account of a 25 DVD collection of public domain movies.