Google Street View; it’ll have to do until I can take my own picture.

Like much of downtown, cleaned up and painted and brought back to life. The building on the left, the McKone, was buit in 1905; the other structure is the Loretta Block, named after the daughter of the civic figure / businessman who had the block constructed. The video on the left shows us A) even design firms don’t know the right way to hold a movie camera, and B) no trace remains of the store’s life as a “counter-culture” depot for incense and black-light posters.

As Wikipedia put it: “In 1971, Vanity 3 opened in downtown Fargo, ND. The store was part of a Concept208, which consisted of a music store, shoe store, candle and poster store, young men's store, hot dog stand and Vanity.” Got that? you could buy candles and posters and a HO DOG, which you could eat in the little courtyard. It was a teen mecca.