As long as we're including Moorhead, let's swing by the Comstock Killer, the big brick block, the midcentury hot spot. It's the FM, photographed in that Point-o-Rama style that makes the dullest block look modern and swank.

Built in 1950 – as if you couldn’t tell – the FM had a restaurant on the top floor and a coffee shop called "The Barn" off the lobby. Note the strange rings around the corners - for a building so relentlessly linear it seems an odd concession.

A less romantic view above. The lobby windows had been bricked up for that cheerful cask-of-Amontillado look. At least the sign was animated – the red neon bars rolled up and F – M blinked on one at a time, if I recall.

Longtime Fargo weatherman Dewey Bergquist, in an interview no longer online, called it "a monument to failed human ambitions." It closed in 1971, because no one wanted to stay in Moorhead, I guess.