Hey, it’s an unfinished site with only a few things on it! That must mean it’s in “beta.” But since there’s a lot of content in these few links, then it’s maximum beta - or, to make it really super 70s, “Betamax!” Ha ha. Can I write for the Hudson Brothers’ Summertime replacement variety show now?

Don’t know who the Hudson Brothers were? We’ll get to that.

There’s a notion in the minds of some that the 70s were a carefree time, cool and kitschy and fun! and innocent, in a peculiar fashion. It was not. For one thing, there was peculiar fashion. For another - well, consider this site a brief against the nostalgia that inevitably attends any bygone time. Every era has its good points and regrettable trends, but for sheer idiocy, ugliness, meretricious music, televised banality and general malaise the 70s are unparalleled.

Trust me on this. I was there.


See. I didn't just dump stuff here and forget about it. There's a critical evaluation of the sniggering smarmfest "Match Game," and a charitable look at my favorite show as a sci-fi starved kid, "Search." (HOBY hugs!)

There's more to come. Do not expect an exhaustive site crammed with all sorts of medium-sized pictures thrown up on the web for the same of providing a "retro" fix. I think most of the stuff from this era is unspeakable, and I do not understand the enthusiasm for its styles and mores. But like I said, I was there; that changes one's opinions on things.


2014: Bobby Sherman!

Sex Clothes of 1977 added in 2013. And none too soon.

Publc Service Annoucements and PSAs from 1974 radio shows.

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