This is an early PiR from 1972; it’s still the “New” Price is Right, and the basics aren’t all there. Hardly any close-ups on the lovely presenters. The contestants did not come on down, but were asked to stand. Then they came on down. Half the time you see grips behind the scenes pushing stuff out or spinning the revolving sets. Barker would find his tone quickly, but in the early shows he was still more solicitous than playful.

What a madcap time you’d have with these two:


Doreen was British; pity she never made it up on the stage. Lilly did not seem to grasp the idea of “money” and “numbers” and “actual retail price.”


The item cost $400.

Pauline was what they used to call . . . matronly. Fashion was not on women’s side after they hit 40.


The lass to her left was Douy, and she looks a bit, well, doughy. But then she smiled:



Instant California!

Dot gives us a chance to construct one of those internety caption-type things. At first I was:



And then I OMG’d:



Either Carol had a pierced molar, or the lights hit a filling just right. At first she was LOL:


Out comes the prize:



And then I was all How About NO:



One of the reason I liked Carol: the cheerful, unselfconscious lack of side-teeth.


The furniture was based on a night-sweat dream resulting from Stroganoff poisoning:


The car:


Yes, there’s a car in that picture. The amazing thing about Anitra’s dress is not only how short it is, but the fact that it starts below her ribcage and still seems short.