The mirrored aviator glasses summed up everything the intellectuals hated about tbe 70s. There was something selfish about them. The wearer could look out, but the viewer couldn't look in. They seemed disconnected from everything else, from the important issues of the day. Mostly the intelelctuals didn't like them because the sort of women who wore them - and looked like #1 - never gave you the time of day. Unless you'd had something in the New York Review of Books and were dining at Elaine's and the art dealer who was there with his new girlfriend pointed you out. Even if she did give you some attention, it would be done the next time another bauble swam into her view.

#2, on the other hand, is happy to take your order at the Country Kitchen and wants to know if you'd like slaw with that. No, it's not extra! It comes with slaw.