Yes, this is what it came to. The show was off the air- forever! – and we were all left with the brackish taste of that last episode, in which Dr. Janet Lester hated herself because she had teh ov@r1es and devised a plan to switch bodies with Kirk, because no one would ever figure that out.

"Scotty! How's my hair? Nevermind. Let’s go the restroom together and urinate standing up. I do so enjoy urinating from a standing position, don’t you? Not sitting like a weak, useless woman, but standing! Pounding it out!"

"Aye, sir. As you say." (Gives beseeching look to McCoy, who shrugs)

This is what it came to. You could join the Dinky Starfleet. Dinky!  Note how the Enterprise is giving birth to a shuttlecraft by Caesarian section. The ship also fires mucus divots from the saucer, which was not in the original design.

Pathetic. But there’s more.