Mr. Slice O’Bread - or Slicey, I'll call him - takes us back to caveman days, and tells us that humans had to hunt to survive. In the panel above, we see the consequences of insufficient hunting: lethargy and death, with a brief interlude of cannibalism between the two.

Page three of a kid’s book, and the death count is already three.

Hey, it was the 40s. They had to grow up fast. Take a look at our kids here, and see how they react; Miss Sunbeam, still in premature Betty Grable mode, seems to be . . . amused by her ancestor's slow painful death. Her brother, who now resembles some hunchbacked lab assistant from a Universal "Frankenstein" film, hugrily eyes their bodies, wondering what fresh parts he can drag back for the Mohster to use in his experiments. Slicey is the only one who seems touched by the plight.