Aren’t you glad you used Dial? Don’t you wish everyone did? Our heroine glares at her chains, devising a means of escape. “Refusing to be enslaved by the despot landlord the Tyrant of the South, Wu Ching-hua is beaten black and blue. She stands with head and chest high, her eyes blazing with hatred.”

Actually, this happens at the beginning of the play, but like I said, the cards were out of order. She escapes while being sold into slavery, and runs into the coconut forest. She's recaptured, beaten, and left for dead during a thunderstorm. It's a musical, so I'm sure the scenes are toe-tappingly fantastic. Note: you could get more detailed information on the Wikipedia page, which helpfully provides hyperlinks to the more confusing parts of the narrative, and provides much-needed background information. Like the definition of "thunderstorm."