Joe lives in his own mind.

Joe is such a pathetic, unpopular kid he has imaginary friends who don’t invite him anywhere. He amuses himself with crude drawings, scenarios where Mary the girl from his class comes over on his bike and he draws her bosoms, very carefully because that’s the important part and they have to be RIGHT. He draws himself dressed in plastic wrap because that excites him in a way he can’t explain but it’s true and lots of people probably feel that way. But even in his fantasies she tells him that everyone had fun without him. He tries to retool the scenario: ah, no one could dance. There wasn’t any music in the field where they’d gone on their bikes. Imagine that.

Once home, Joe realizes anew that Dope is the answer, and in his addled state he actually believes that kids will not only want to hear him play a slide flute, but will dance a jig to his pathetic tune. Days later a member of the French Resistance shows up with a small piece of lumber, and then it’s only a matter of time before HE SHOWS THEM. HE SHOWS THEM ALL.

Especially Mary.