Hey, great! Flash got promoted! Or did he get drafted?

Neither. It's another flash altogether, a thick-waisted fellow whose idea of battling invading aliens is punching their ships But is that one of theirs, or one of ours? It looks American, right down to the steering wheel; you can see it as a natural progression of automotive design. So perhaps they stole it. Joyriding aliens.

No, the other vehicle has occupants with green hats on, lke these lttle pink things Captain Flash is in the process of killing. The other vehicles have gun turrets, too. So when Captain Flash stole an alien ship, he made sure to get the one without the guns.

"Gosh, Cap Flash," said his sidekick Backy. "Why not this one? It has guns so we can defend ourselves from a distance."

"Not necessary!" Captain Flash grinned. "Just get me close and I'll punch the ships apart."