Atom the Cat doesn’t have a costume, so I don’t know if he’s a supercat or just a cat made of atoms. The latter is far more common, of course.

According to Dr. Mole, building a robot that can “shake” an object is the penultimate step to world conquest. All he need do is show up at the UN and demonstrate his fearsome device, and the delegates will surrender control of their nations without a peep of protest. Please no, Dr. Mole. Don’t make the robot shake me.

Then again, it c occur to someone that the robot’s programming isn't too complex, since the commands START and STOP are hardwired into buttons and indicator lights on the front panel. This suggests that the six commands comprise the entirety of the creature’s ability.

As for Atom the Cat, any bets on whether he turns the robot against Dr. Mole at the end, capturing him for another of those extremely short prison terms comic books doled out to regular villains? Right.