In the World of Tomorrow, men in cars of Yesterday will be pursued by men in the motorcycles of Today! Well, bought today. At the used motorcycle lot.

Aside from looking like an outtake from an A-Ha video, it betrays a rather impractical streak in STUNTMAN's modus operandi. It’s difficult to leap off a bike without knocking the driver over. It’s hard to avoid putting your foot on the wheel. It’s tough to start punching when you’re landing on a moving vehicle, your feet scrabbling for purchase. And half the time your cape gets caught in spokes.

Say, Stuntman - I got a gun. Why don’t we just speed up ahead and shoot out a wheel? No! I must leap to the car and punch them! Seriously, Stuntman, I can pop the driver. I’m a good shot. No! I did not lace up my thin-soled shoes for nothing!