We tend to think of Hitler as a delegator, right? Sitting behind a big desk, studying masks, barking orders, dictating is dictatorial dictates from his mountain retreat. Apparently he was hands-on when it came to the Trunk of Terror, though. He enjoyed that room. He had it specially done-over. I vant the door yellow und the beams yellow und green! Schnell!

The War Minister really only has himself to blame, though. Walk around with a briefcase that says WAR MINISTER and you’re begging to be kidnapped - and when they see documents labeled SECRET PLANS, well, you know you’re in for some Deadly-Monster action. But why release the Deadly Monsters when the Secret Plans are right there?

Because only the Deadly Monsters can read English.

Never fear, though - the Destroyer is here! And since he has Hitler right where he wants him, he’ll probably kill him, and the war will be over. What a relief for all.