Not what you think when you think "Marvel," eh? It's the throbbing excitement of a hospital! It’s torn from real life! It’s all the drama of a burst appendix with the sickening wet spash of spilled intestines! All the heartache of a denied insurance claim! It’s Linda Carter, Night Nurse - who’s apparently pulling an overtime shift, since she’s standing outside in broad daylight.

Just in case you wonder how dramatic this will be, note that this nurse comes with her eyes pre-moistened with tears of sympathy already in place. If you study her closely, she's mostly neck and legs. She's about 70 percent legs, in fact. Also, her arms go down to her knees.

Was there a rule that black nurses had to help black patients, or would the comic been banned in backwoods dueling-banjoland if Linda Carter had touched him? What kind of boyfriend shows up at an accident scene and demands that his girlfriend not treat the accident victim? Perhaps there’s something else going on here – Linda isn’t a nurse at all, but likes to walk around Manhattan pretending to be one, and the boyfriend’s right – she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Dammit Linda, just because you ran out of a photo shoot for a medical uniform company doesn't mean you can perform a blood transfusion on the spot!