There’s a reason we don’t feature much Marvel here; they were good. At least better than most of the DC dreck we’ve featured thus far. But fairness demands an occasional nod towards the less impressive examples of the Marvel oeuvre, and this monster book (originally published when Marvel was Atlas, I believe) is a good example of the stuff they turned out by the mile. It’s Kirby, so it’s a cut above – but this is as generic as these stories got.

OROGO! It’s a thing. Origin? Beyond. Whether or not this simple, if large, biped was the most fantastic thing you’d ever seen is open to dispute. You may also wonder why the fellow running off the platform declaims that Orogo Lives, because it’s not likely there was a debate over whether Orogo was dead. No one knew who Orogo was until he showed up, made the usual PUNY HUMANS speech, then set about enslaving the world with a hypnotic beam. He was eventually defeated by a man who could not be hypnotized, because he was blind.

Orogo never thought of that. 

Also: Who? And WHAT, were “THE EARTH CRAWLERS!”

Worms, perhaps? Small ones that come out on the sidewalk after it rains?